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E-LASS Seminar day, September 2022, Ulsteinvik
E-LASS Seminar day January 2019 in Piteå


Read our summary of the event here or check out the presentations from the E-LASS Seminar day in Piteå, Sweden (January 2019) below:

SSAB – Joakim Nyström

Fraunhofer IFAM – Beate Brede

Hydro – Arjan Bouvy & Tariq Dawoud

Curve Works – François Geuskens 

Monocrom – Igor Alexander

Mobilaris + video – Jan Pudas

GMA – Rafael Luterbacher-Mus

Developments in RAMSSES (soon to come)

RISE – Franz Evegren

Infracore – Laurent Morel

University of Southampton – Simon Quinn

E-LASS Seminar day June 2018 in Pornichet


Read our summary of the event here or check out the presentations from the E-LASS Seminar day in Pornichet, France (June 2018) below: 

Fraunhofer LBF – Thilo Bein

Fibreship – Attila Uderszky

iRT Jules Verne – Julio Cesar de Luca

E-FERRY – Trine Heinemann

FISCO – David Thull 

Transfurans Chemicals – Hans Hoydonckx

DP Survey Group – Bert Delbaere

DIAB – Peter Norlin

AFBW – Jürgen Reichert & Werner Moser

Méca – Samuel Durand & Pol Muller 

InSensus Project – Melanie Diziol

Matmatch – Susanne Schwarzwälder

E-LASS Seminar day January 2018 in Borås


Read our summary of the event here or check out the presentations from the E-LASS Seminar day in Borås, Sweden (January 2018) below:

Lightweight Applications
Composite waterbus – Marcel Elenbaas, Damen
Fire retardant composite solution for structural lightweight panels – Jörg Bünker, Saertex
BONDSHIP – refreshing course and brief outlook – Markus Brede, Fraunhofer IFAM

Technology Transfer from non-maritime sectors
The Swedish multi-sectorial lightweight arena: technology transfer and good examples  Cecilia Ramberg, LIGHTer
Hybrid metal-composite solutions for different industrial sectors – Clara Palleiro Palmou, AIMEN
3D-Metal Printing in the Automotive Industry – THE next big thing? (Q&A session) – Aldo Ofenheimer, Virtual Vehicle

Technology Transfer on Quick Assembly
Overview of assembly strategies in aircraft manufacturing (Q&A session) – Christof Borman, ZAL
Quick assembly systems applied in FRP Infrastructural applications (Q&A session) – Laurent Morel, Infracore
Complete Knock Down (CKD) System for Rail Vehicle Construction (Q&A session) – Mark Robinson, NewRail

E-LASS meeting November 2016 in Finspång


Presentations from the E-LASS meeting in Finspång, Sweden (November 2016):

Matthew Dawson, Airborne Marine:

Effects of conditioning parameters and test environment on composite materials for marine applications.

Ragnar E. Hansen, Hansen Engineering and Consulting:

Composite hatch cover and tween deck development

Franz Evegren, SP:

IMO Correspondence Group Update

Thomas Royle, Wizz Consultancy:

Lightweight FRP cabin for a cruise vessel

Theo Dingeman, Delft University of Technology:

High performance liquid crystal thermosets for marine applications

Thomas Thon, CompoConsult:

Development of a self-extinguishing epoxy infused sandwich

Chris Moyle, sapa:

Aluminium panels in lightweight ships

Henrik Johansson, SAAB-Kockums:

Superstructures in FRP composites; naval experience

Henrik Nordhammar, STENA:

STENA Electric Ship

Magnus Eriksson, Echandia Marine:

Battery-powered Lightweight HSC

Vasileios Karatzas, Technical University of Denmark

The Compass Project

Paolo Vanzo, PROMAT:

Fire resistance behaviors of composite structure


E-LASS 8-9 November 2016

E-LASS meeting November 2015 in Gorinchem


We had a great meeting in Gorinchem, Netherlands, both the industry tour and the seminar day have received much positive feed-back. About 80 people participated in total.


Attentive seminar audience

Presentations from the E-LASS meeting in Gorinchem (November 2015)

L. Morel, Damen Shipyard Group:

Bluenose project-Morel

Shipyards Antalya-Pas

M. Burman, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology):

Light weight marine vessels operating in brash Ice


Blast-resistance of three dimensional FRP-joints

J. Peeters, Fibercore:

Design, production & certification of FRP bridges, locks & gates

L. Morel, Damen Shipyard Group:

Large external adhesively bonded FRP ventilation ducts

P. Golyshev, DNVGL:

Thermo-mechanical analysis & CFD-FEA used in “Fire Resist”

E. Fitzpatrick, MJM Group:

Technology Strategy to Change the Service Offered on a Refit

F. Evegren, SP Fire Research:

IMO guidelines & regulations status

Benson & Prini, Newcastle University:

Enhanced Design of Search and Rescue Craft

Matthew Flynn, MC2 Composites Ltd:

MC2 Commercial Vessels presentation

D. Aslin, Prometus:

Potential Use of Integrated Intumescent Coating


E-LASS 24-25 November

We are getting used to having good meetings and we think the key to this is the combination of a friendly atmosphere and people genuinely interested to discuss and to share information. Next meeting will be held in 2016.


Laurent and Tommy

ACA – Automation Centre Airborne – Industry tour




Listening to Tord – as usual 🙂


E-LASS meeting January 2015 in Southampton


Presentations from the E-Lass meeting (January 2015) in Southampton

Statement of the E-LÄSS network on the use of FRP in ships building – by Tommy Hertzberg, SP Fire Research

COMposite super-structures for large PASsenger Ships – by Grunde Jomaas, DTU, Technical University of Denmark

Ultra Light Weight (ULW) Resin Screeds and Deck Flooring Systems – by Derek Saville, Quaker

Old Facts became Myths in Arctic Inland Navigation Shipdesign (EU–Martec ULIVES project)

Solent Large Structures Centre Scoping Study – by Graham Harrison & Simon Gerrard, National Composites Centre (NCC)

Fire-Resist Marine application case  – by Pietro Di Modica, Newcastle University

An integrated approach to data-rich testing and modelling of composite structures and substructures(for maritime applications) – by O.T. Thomsen, Univerity of Southamton

The Marine Industry Today and Goal Based Rules – by Vince Jenkins, Lloyds Register Marine

Status of IMO correspondence group and European Regulations – by Franz Evegren, SP Fire Research

Regulatory Requirements & Certification of Composite Fire & Blast Protection Products for Offshore Applications – by Matthew Chalk, Solent Composite System

E-LASS meeting March 2014 in Papenburg


Presentations from the E-Lass meeting (March 2014) in Papenburg

Guidelines for the use of FRP in ships structures – by Johan Wikman, Swedish Transport Agency

Innovative materials and light weight structures in shipbuilding – research at FMTT – by Prof. Tadeusz Graczyk, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

Fire risk assessment of composite hatch cover for Panamax bulk carrier – by Philippe Noury, DNV-GL

Innovation in composite twin hulled SWATH offshore vessels for wind farm service and military applications – by David Kendall, Optima Projects

Ultra lightweight (hull) arctic container vessels and EU traffic strategy – by Veikko Hintsanen, Laffcomp

Risks and regulations: an overview of composite use in maritime structure – by Tommy Hertzberg, SP Fire Research

E-LASS KickOff - October 2013 in Borås


E-LASS Kick-off + E-LASS & MESA work shop at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås 8-9 October 2013

Welcome to the Kick-Off meeting – Tommy SP

Horizon 2020, networking and material research – Ronald Vopel, European Commission

Tord Gustafsson – Blatraden

ThroughLife – Markus Lehne, Balance Technology Consulting

E-Läss Project Introduction ADAM4EVE – Dr. Lars Molter, Dr.-Ing. Frank Roland

Three years experience of carbon-fiber catamarans – Christian Hallberg, Styrsöbolaget

The ”light” road toward sustainable shipping, The ECO-Island Ferry Project

Tank Light Module, Proving excellence in Lightweight marine structures – Mats Hjortberg, Coriolis AB

Sweden’s innovation agency – VINNOVA

Smart specialization in the Baltic Sea region – Erik Bunis, Vinnova

Rules and Regulations – Class perspective – Fredrik Tholen, Lloyd’s Register EMEA

RoPax and Naval vessels composite experiences – Sven-Erik Hellbratt, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB

OFFSHORE and LIGHTWEIGHT – Johan Edvardsson, C Marine AB

Naval Ship Code – Magnus Haara FMV

National regulation perspective and EU directive development – Gabor Szemler, Swedish Transport Agency

MARPOS Gap Analysis – Dr.-Ing. Frank Roland

Lightweight Structures at Sea – Johan Gärdin

Lightweight Structures at Sea – Stella Job

KOMPAS – KOMposit-overbygninger til større PASsagerskibe (Composite Super-structures for large passenger ships)

IMO and CG development – Gabor Szemler, Swedish Transport Agency

FIRE RESIST – Developing Novel Fire-Resistant High Performance Composites – Antti Paajanen, Tuula Hakkarainen, VTT

Existing Networks and their Role CMT Network and Joint Industry Projects in Germany – Dr.-Ing. Frank Roland

European Project Mosaic Genesis And Expectations – Carlo Cau, Cetena S.P.A EUROPEAN PROJECT MOSAIC, GENESIS AND EXPECTATIONS – Carlo Cau, Cetena S.P.A

Development of lightweight structures in BESST- Sven-Erik Hellbratt, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB

Composite Patch Repair for Marine and Civil Engineering Infrastructure Applications

Damen – Composite experience of a shipyard


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