The project LASS, was a VINNOVA ( and industry sponsored Swedish research project, coordinated by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, dep for Fire Technology, that were run between 2004 and 2008. The project aim was to re-design five existing vessels and one offshore living quarter using new lightweight composite and aluminium materials.

LASS-SP_Report_2009_13 – by Tommy Hertzberg

Composite panels for deck and bulkhead fire tests – by Carl-Johan Lindholm and Geir Arnestad

Degree project – Composite failure predictions – by Anders Edwall

Emtunga-presentation at the LASS Conference – by Peo Svärd

Laser–Ultrasonics for examination AL-Surface – by Lena Carlson, Mattias Ericsson and Eva Lindh-Ulmgren

Shear testing of two aluminium Alloys – by Joacim Hagström

Surface treatments counteracting galvanic corrosion – by Marja Levander

WP3D-calculations – by Johan Berup Hansson

Conference paper: Access of hazardous and metallic integrated objects at dismantling of sandwich ship structures through effective information handling? – by A. Hedlund-Åström, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, C. Luttropp, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

International Conference on Dismantling of Obsolete Vessels, Glasgow 2006

Master thesis: Environmental Impacts of Fiber Composite Materials – Study on Life Cycle Assessment of Materials used for Ship Superstructure – by Shakila Umair

Presentation of Kockums at the 2004 JEC Composite Show in Paris – by Robert Petersson, Kockums

LASS Annual Report 2006 – by Tommy Hertzberg, SP

Abstract of paper: Fire hazards and lightweight constructions at sea – by Tommy Hertzberg & Jesper Axelsson SP Fire Technology, Sweden

Abstract of paper: Weight Optimization of a Sandwich Superstructure of a High-Speed Ferry – by Gaurav Ahuja and Anders Ulfvarson, Chalmers Naval Architechture and Ocean Engineering

“Ship Technology Research Journal, Vol. 53 – April, 2006” – To get the full paper please contact the journal Ship Technology Research.

Conference paper: Metal Inserts and Hazardous Content in Light Weight Composite Structures in the Context of Recycling – by Anna Hedlund-Åström, Conrad Luttropp1, Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Machine Design, Sweden

“13th CIRP International conference on Life Cycle Engineering” LCE 2006, May 31 – June 2 in Leuven, Belgium

Cost and energy assessment of a high speed ship – by Magnus Burman, Balz Lingg, Stephan Villiger, Håkan Enlund, Anna Hedlund-Åström, Sven-Erik Hellbratt

Sandwich Construction – Application on a Superstructure – by Gaurav Ahuja, Anders Ulfvarsson, Chalmers Naval Architechture and Ocean Engineering

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