The project LASS, was a VINNOVA and industry sponsored Swedish research project, coordinated by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (now RISE), that were run between 2004 and 2008. The project aim was to re-design five existing vessels and one offshore living quarter using new lightweight composite and aluminium materials.

LASS-SP_Report_2009_13 – by Tommy Hertzberg

Composite panels for deck and bulkhead fire tests – by Carl-Johan Lindholm and Geir Arnestad

Degree project – Composite failure predictions – by Anders Edwall

Emtunga-presentation at the LASS Conference – by Peo Svärd

Laser–Ultrasonics for examination AL-Surface – by Lena Carlson, Mattias Ericsson and Eva Lindh-Ulmgren

Shear testing of two aluminium Alloys – by Joacim Hagström

Surface treatments counteracting galvanic corrosion – by Marja Levander

WP3D-calculations – by Johan Berup Hansson

Conference paper: Access of hazardous and metallic integrated objects at dismantling of sandwich ship structures through effective information handling? – by A. Hedlund-Åström, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, C. Luttropp, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

International Conference on Dismantling of Obsolete Vessels, Glasgow 2006

Master thesis: Environmental Impacts of Fiber Composite Materials – Study on Life Cycle Assessment of Materials used for Ship Superstructure – by Shakila Umair

Presentation of Kockums at the 2004 JEC Composite Show in Paris – by Robert Petersson, Kockums

LASS Annual Report 2006 – by Tommy Hertzberg, SP

Abstract of paper: Fire hazards and lightweight constructions at sea – by Tommy Hertzberg & Jesper Axelsson SP Fire Technology, Sweden

Abstract of paper: Weight Optimization of a Sandwich Superstructure of a High-Speed Ferry – by Gaurav Ahuja and Anders Ulfvarson, Chalmers Naval Architechture and Ocean Engineering

“Ship Technology Research Journal, Vol. 53 – April, 2006” – To get the full paper please contact the journal Ship Technology Research.

Conference paper: Metal Inserts and Hazardous Content in Light Weight Composite Structures in the Context of Recycling – by Anna Hedlund-Åström, Conrad Luttropp1, Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Machine Design, Sweden

“13th CIRP International conference on Life Cycle Engineering” LCE 2006, May 31 – June 2 in Leuven, Belgium

Cost and energy assessment of a high speed ship – by Magnus Burman, Balz Lingg, Stephan Villiger, Håkan Enlund, Anna Hedlund-Åström, Sven-Erik Hellbratt

Sandwich Construction – Application on a Superstructure – by Gaurav Ahuja, Anders Ulfvarsson, Chalmers Naval Architechture and Ocean Engineering