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Com&Sens (Composites&Sensing) is expert in Fiber Optic Sensing technology providing condition-based structural health monitoring data. Our robust fibre optic sensors allow real-time monitoring in harsh environments (marine) of steel or composites structures.

Besides online integrity monitoring of assets, our sensing technology permits to validate finite elements modeling of prototypes with accurate data.

EFW (the Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH)

Founded in 1991 (with a predecessing corporation founded in 1955), EFW has sound knowledge about lightweight products for the Aerospace Industry. Our first contact to the shipbuilding industry was in 2011, when our CEO met Mr. Meyer from Meyerwerft in Papenburg. Soon, a project was started with the aim to develop a lightweight solution for the maritime industry. As a result, we developed a patented solution for Bulkhead- and Ceiling-Panels with an DNVGL B-15 rating, which are about 30% less weight than the industry standard, but achieving outstanding performance in terms of noise reduction and fire resistability.


Fjordpanel logo

Fjordpanel AS

Fjordpanel is a new composite material based on the experience of more than 30 years of high performance composites for trains and ships. The material is made out of natural minerals that has been manufactured into plates that are easy to work with.

Fjordpanel has been specially developed for usage in interiors in trains, ships and buildings that require low weight, improved fire resistance and optimized life cycle cost.


Heinen & Hopman

HF Interior Sweden AB

Ingenieurbüro Andreas Hanke

Ingenieurbüro Andreas Hanke

Ingenieurbüro Andreas Hanke is a service provider for mechanical engineering with focus on FEA-calculations. Our main business fields are the structural analyses of parts and structures, bolt connections, weld seams and more.

With many years of experience and our specialisation in FEA-simulations, fatigue analyses and calculations of nonlinear bolt connections we are working with clients coming from a wide variety of sectors. Most of our customers are wind turbine manufacturers (on- and offshore), where the investigated components are towers, hubs, rotor shafts, bolt connections and much more. 



MacGregor Sweden AB