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The next E-LASS event will take place on May 10-11, 2022 in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

Find a summary and the presentations from  the last E-lass seminar that took place on November 18th, 2021 here.

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E-LASS 16th of September 2020

And so, it finally took place, the first ever E-LASS webinar. The seminar originally planned for June and then postponed and transformed to a September webinar was held. It worked, in my opinion, very well with the support of Zoom technology and a well-prepared...

E-LASS Newsletter June 2020

Dear E-LASS member, Due to the pandemic situation and the restrictions on gathering large groups we have decided to arrange the 12th E-LASS event digitally instead of in Vlissingen, Netherlands. Would you like to present during the digital E-LASS seminar? Please send...

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About E-LASS

Established in 2013, The European network for lightweight applications at sea (E-LASS) gather stakeholders interested in lightweight design for the maritime industry. The aim is to create an organization where exchange of information and knowledge becomes easy and natural. The commitment to initiate collaboration with other networks is in line with this aim. E-LASS has over 300 members from 32 different nations.


The need for lightweight materials and lightweight design at sea is driven by the two main societal challenges of today: energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. A lighter vessel will use less fuel and a semi-submersible offshore platform can only fully attain an optimized weight distribution through proper lightweight design. An offshore wind turbine deprived of lightweight design and lightweight materials is scarcely imaginable. For many applications, however, the increased use of novel lightweight designs are being slowed down by tradition and conservative resistance to change, coupled to a lack of experience and knowledge. E-LASS aims at facilitating activities in support of necessary development of lightweight design.

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