The 11th E-LASS event was held in Bremen and was hosted by Fraunhofer/IFAM. It was a very anticipated day as 120 people attended the event, setting a record in the process as the newly created German maritime lightweight network “MariLight” was properly introduced to the E-LASS community.

Day 1

The event started with a short introduction by Franz Evegren, RISE, who then called for a minute of silence in remembrance of E-LASS member Tord Gustafsson who passed away last year. Tord was a beloved person and an integral part of the lightweight community, not to mention one of the strongest E-LASS supporters. He also co-hosted the 9th E-LASS seminar which took place in Piteå in 2019.

The first seminar day continued with a clear focus on structural health monitoring and included a technology transfer session, where representatives for railway, aviation, construction and wind energy gave very interesting input on SHM-technologies in use. It was stated that similar technologies could very well be used also by the maritime industry, even though the safety factors involved in the latter business in general is much higher. Due to this, sensitivity in measurements were assumed to be less critical than e.g. for the aviation industry.

After the seminar, the participants got the chance to visit Fraunhofer IFAM for a tour before enjoying the traditional joint dinner, this time sponsored by Meyer Werft.

Day 2

The second seminar day included a session on lightweight design case studies, where a newly launched lightweight battery driven ferry in Norway was presented, together with the underlying fire safety concept. A new concept for lightweight offshore gangways was also presented, followed by an introduction of the open maritime innovation platform SARGASSO. It has now been integrated with E-LASS and enables its members to connect with additional partners in and outside the maritime sector regarding new project ideas or current needs. This was followed by an interesting RAMSSES demo-case presentation by Meyer Werft, regarding the development of modular lightweight composite walls. The seminar was ended by an important joint RAMSSES-FibreShip presentation on their joint approach towards Safety of Composite Ships, to be held the following week at the IMO SDC 7.

After lunch, participants were split into groups for industry tours visiting either Airbus, Daimler or DGzRS depending on their expressed preferences. The industry tours were organized by IFAM and it was much appreciated by the participants to get extended insight into these German industries and sea rescue service.

The next E-LASS event is scheduled to take place in Vlissingen, Netherlands in June 2020. We look forward to seeing you all then! 

This event was sponsored by

Meyer Werft