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Barrier Group


Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A. 

Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas, SA (Compass) is a consulting services company (SME) specialized in engineering design, as well as in the development of software for numerical simulation (Structural, CFD and SeaKeeping Finite Element codes) and information management in technology. The members of the team are all highly qualified professionals specialised in Civil, Industrial, Telecommunication, and specifically, Naval Engineering. These areas are the main focus of Compass activities, which have the main objective of bringing value to our customers by applying innovative solutions to their problems.

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Diab is a world leader in sandwich composite solutions that make customers’ products stronger, lighter and smarter. We provide a range of core materials, cost-effective kits and finishings, along with in-depth knowledge on composites. Diab also provides engineering services for composite technology through CCG (Composites Consulting Group).



Fjordpanel AS logo

Fjordpanel AS

Fjordpanel is a new composite material based on the experience of more than 30 years of high performance composites for trains and ships. The material is made out of natural minerals that has been manufactured into plates that are easy to work with.

Fjordpanel has been specially developed for usage in interiors in trains, ships and buildings that require low weight, improved fire resistance and optimized life cycle cost.



Kockum Sonics

MCT Brattberg

Prometheus developments

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SSAB produce high strength steels that allow weight reductions up to 50% in comparison with general mild steel often used in marine applications and ships. Despite its strength SSAB has succeeded to keep very good weldability, toughness and formability. Typical applications for SSAB Strenx and Hardox Steels are: Jack-up Legs, Winches, Lifting tools, Cargo boxes, Fishing tools, Marine & Offshore Cranes and Lounge and Recovery Systems, Submarines, Ice breakers, Dredging Equipment, Light Weight Hulls in areas where static load is more critical than dynamic loads. RoRo equipment.


UPF Corporation

West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin logo

West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

Faculty of Maritime Technology and Transport

Chair of Ship Structure, Mechanics and Fabrication

The staff of the Chair is represented by three professors and  three doctors of sciences, and supporting workers.

The scope of research: shipbuilding technology, construction and mechanics of shipstructures, organization of shipbuilding industry, underwater technology.

Our industry partners: shipyards in Western Pomerania Region, ship design offices, ports, inland shipping companies.