An open maritime innovation platform that connects companies and organizations looking for solution providers to technical challenges or services or new partners to project consortia.


  • Free of charge
  • Independent and non-profit with no commercial interest
  • Need and value driven
  • Allows for a full non-disclosure set-up allowing you to investigate potential interest without losing ownership of your idea

SARGASSO’s stakeholders are composed by its users and its receivers.


Have a need or a challenge that they must, or perhaps prefer, to solve with external partners. Maybe your company has a new customer that requires solutions outside your ordinary line of business and network? Or perhaps you have an excellent project proposal and you need partners, but you’d rather not go public just yet?
As a user you set the transparency level of your request, both in terms of identity and level of detail.


Are part of the SARGASSO network – a mix of various industries with potential business interest in the maritime segment. These guys are also the solution providers and future project partners that the users are hoping to find.

Both users and receivers are a part of the community Friends of SARGASSO.

Friends of SARGASSO

The community is the core of SARGASSO. It is other companies and organizations just like yours, who has identified the need to collaborate with others in order to excel in a fast-paced world.
10 selected clusters from different industries are tied to SARGASSO. On the webpage you will recognize them as our “Associated Partners”. Together they encompass more than 1300 companies. Each cluster has at least one designated SARGASSO-representative who is well connected with its own member companies and the SARGASSO process. This is the person who will read your RFP/RFD and pass it on to potential partners in his or her cluster.

What does the process look like?

Write down your challenge in form of a pitch (request/proposal) or book a meeting with Andreas Bach. Together we will determine whether your challenge is a Request for Solution Providers, RSP (when you have a technical- or service-based challenge close to market) or an Request for Project Partners, RPP (where you have an idea for a project).

After you’ve filled in the RSP/RPP form we will send it out to our network and get in touch with your requested partners.

Pay special attention to the part of the form titled “Opportunities for the partners”. This section should be easily understood even for people outside of your area of expertise and the gains and benefits of getting involved should be crystal clear.

How does E-LASS fit in the mix?

The E-LASS network is a cluster on its own and the first international cluster tied to SARGASSO. The RSP’s or RPP’s sent in by E-LASS members will initially be sent out to the E-LASS network exclusively. This way the users in E-LASS get quick and easy access to partners in your specific field of expertise as well as knowledge about new business opportunities or project proposals in your particular field. Only upon request will we then send it out to the wider network “Friends of SARGASSO”.

After the deadline of your proposal we will return with the response from the network.

All members of E-LASS will receive the proposals from SARGASSO through the E-LASS newsletters.