We are very happy(!) to inform you that two major EU funded projects focusing on lightweight materials both had their kick-off meetings last week. They were both approved through the MG-2.2-2016 – call: “Development, production and use of high performance and lightweight materials for vessels and equipment”, and together they represent an impressive amount of European experts and stakeholders interested in innovative and increased usage of lightweight materials for ship building. It is stated in the Ramsses application that E-LASS will be involved in the information dissipation and we hope to be able to assist also Fibreship in this matter.


An 11 million € project that sets out to build commercial ships over 50 metres in length using mainly fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials. Fibreship aims at building full-scale prototypes within 24 months. The project will develop a comprehensive guide covering design issues and approaches that will form the basis for future guides and regulations.

The Fibreship-consortium brings together 18 partners from the private sector, universities, and innovation centres from 11 EU countries. The project started on June 19 2017 and will last for three years.

For more information, read the latest press release


A 13.5 million € project that aims to foster the application of new materials in maritime and inland waterway applications by developing, demonstrating and validating 13 specific maritime products in order to prepare for commercial market uptake. RAMSSES will set up a Materials Innovation Platform for information exchange and cooperation which will be open also to other Projects, e.g. the Fibreship project.

The RAMSSES-consortium comprises 36 partners from 12 European countries. The project started on June 1st 2017 and will last for four years.

For more information, read the latest press release