I hope this email finds you well in these difficult times. We were lucky to squeeze in our (last-minute) E-LASS event in Nantes and would like to, once again, thank Naval Group for their arrangements (especially Emilien Billaudeau and Joelle Gutierrez). You can now find all the presentations and a summary of the event in our seminar archive: https://e-lass.eu/archive/seminars/.

As you know, the E-LASS events have for some years been organized jointly with the EU project RAMSSES, which has been a very nice experience and common “adventure”. We have been able to spread information to and support a large group of people and organizations interested in lightweight. Now as RAMSSES is finalized, we start anew preparing for events together with different European competences and we are happy to announce that the next event is scheduled for May 10-12 in the beautiful area of Ulsteinvik, Norway, together with the GCE Blue Maritime cluster. The area and cluster represent an impressive amount of maritime ship building competence with a high focus on sustainable shipping, and thus very interested in using lightweight materials in ship design. GCE Blue Maritime Cluster would like to organize a three-day event, where we will have as usual, two days for E-LASS (seminar + industry tour) and an additional day dedicated to presenting GCE and the Norwegian ship building research.

Obviously, we are all more or less under the control of a difficult virus, so at the time suggested it may not be possible to run a physical meeting. However, we would like to prepare and hope for the best. Therefore, please make a preliminary reservation of May 10-12 in your calendars (you will be notified when the registration opens) and if you wish to present something, please send a short description of your presentation to e-lass@ri.se. In addition to the general theme of lightweight applications at sea, a suggested theme for the event is Production and Manufacturing of Lightweight Structures.

Best regards, Tommy, Franz and Peter