Our workshop in Pula is just around the corner (10-11 October) and we are currently planning the final details for the agenda. Included you will find a preliminary speakers list. We anticipate to start the seminar at ~08:15 and finish around 16:00-16:30. It might still be possible to add a couple of presentations so let me know if you have something to present. I hope as many as possible can attend the event and there is still a chance for you to register. Just send me an e-mail to do so.

As I have written before, Vito (Uljanik) has been kind enough to put together a guide for your online booking which can be found here. The information includes recommended hotels as well as travel routes and specific map points for the industry tour.

As mentioned before, we will be cooperating our seminar activities with EU-project RAMSSES. At the meeting you will get more information. Below you find a statement given to me from RAMSSES:

“If you do attend our upcoming event in Pula on October 11, 2017, The new European Innovation Action RAMSSES invites you to a collaborative workshop with E-Lass. RAMSSES aims to show the benefits of advanced materials in maritime applications by implementing 13 market driven demonstrator cases. The entire process chain and a wide range of applications (structural components, equipment, ship integration, repair) are covered. While the realisation of demonstrators is a practical measure that directly supports commercialisation of specific products, RAMSSES is also engaged strategically in enabling more rapid and agile material innovation in the European Maritime industry. Beyond introducing the project itself, different collaboration opportunities for various interest groups will be introduced in the workshop. Furthermore, one session will be dedicated to the recent IMO correspondence on rules and regulations.”

We try as usual to collaborate as much as possible with ongoing research and we will have participants from EU-projects FAUSST and COLUMBUS present at the seminar. We have been in contact also with FIBRESHIP and I hope we will be able to get somebody from this interesting project to join us and present in Pula.

Through COLUMBUS we will get some financial support to help us with the seminar but we need some additional funding to make the event “cost neutral” for all involved, including me/RISE. Therefore, if you would like to sponsor the event in Pula by financing bus tours or support meals that we have together (dinner on the 10th, lunches 10,11) it would be very welcome. Typically 500-1000 € has been given earlier but we take any level of support. If you do help out we will make sure to acknowledge that at the event.

Hope to see you in Pula.

Kind regards