As the maritime lightweight community is constantly growing, national initiatives are being made to further improve the collaboration among actors in the industry. A national “sub-network” of E-LASS called “D-LASS” has already been formed in the Netherlands. This year has seen yet another initiative being made, as the Germans are next in line with their MariLight Network, bringing together German expertise within the maritime lightweight community.

Tommy Hertzberg, founder of E-LASS, commented on the news saying:

– I am very happy to learn about the new German lightweight network. There is much to be gained by sharing information and joining forces to develop knowledge, it opens up the maritime business for more advanced materials and this is the basic idea behind E-LASS. The German MariLight Network working together with E-LASS (and D-LASS) will obviously strengthen what we try to achieve.

For more information about MariLight, visit their website or follow their work on LinkedIN, all German
E-LASS members are very welcome!