Dear E-LASS member,

The guidelines for FRP on SOLAS vessels was approved last week at the IMO MSC 98 meeting. The text was forwarded to the MSC-meeting from the SDC-subcommittee meeting in February (SDC 4) and accepted without further discussions or objections at MSC 98. Truly good news. The guidelines will be “interim” for a period of four years to allow for feed-back and modifications. There will for sure be some discussions about the guidelines at our meeting in Pula. My colleague Franz Evegren supported the coordination of the Swedish chairing of the IMO correspondence group and has also brought a lot of text to the guidelines. He will talk in Pula about what has been achieved. You can find the guidelines here.

As mentioned in earlier e-mails, the Pula meeting is planned for the 10-11 of October. I also mentioned earlier that we intend to co-arrange the event with EU-project Ramsses that started just a few days ago. The project was granted funding by the MG-2.2-2016 – call: “Development, production and use of high performance and lightweight materials for vessels and equipment”. Cetena/CMT is coordinating. Ramsses is, from an E-LASS and a lightweight ship building perspective, a very interesting project that includes major European stakeholders, eg Euroyards. Many other parties, including us, are involved and you will hear more about the project at the seminar. Ramsses will have its official “kick-off” this week and among other things, the cooperation with E-LASS with be discussed. I will come back to you with more information soon after that.

You are welcome to send me suggestion for presentations to be made on the 11th of October and also to register. Vito has arranged fairly large meeting facilities but it might still be a good idea to register early. He has also been able to arrange a “special E-LASS offer“ at the PARK PLAZA HISTRIA HOTEL and I include a guide for your online booking.

As always, we are interested to get some sponsoring of bus-transports during the event and it is nice also if we can support meals that we have together (dinner on the 10th, lunches 10,11). Typically 500-1000 € has been given earlier but we take any level. Support will be suitably acknowledged at the event.

Kind regards,