Dear E-LASS member,

As you already might know, our next E-LASS Event will take place in beautiful Vigo, Spain, 11-12 June. It will historically be the 10th event and marks a fundamental milestone in becoming a sustainable network for the industry. Together with the RAMSSES project, we are currently planning the final details of the event, which will be arranged at AIMEN´s facilities with an industry tour to the Cardama Shipyard and Galventus. Please register at, where you also find a preliminary agenda, already full of very interesting presentations.

During the E-LASS event in Vigo, we will continue to explore the idea of JIPs: Joint Industry Projects. The idea is simply to address common challenges together, e.g. in small “in-kind projects” in-between E-LASS events or by scrambling funding for another party to find a solution. Please propose such challenges in an email to The challenges will be announced beforehand and there will be opportunity to discuss them and ways forward in workshops together with other interested parties in Vigo.

We are currently missing sponsors to the E-LASS event, which is necessary at a minimum to cover logistical costs and refreshments. Please consider sponsoring the event in Vigo, which will be pointed out and greatly appreciated by all participants. All funds are off course used to cover direct costs of the event, but as a thank you, we provide you the opportunity to promote your company for many stakeholders in the maritime lightweight community. Learn more about our sponsoring packages at and make your sponsoring inquiry to today!

Sponsoring Packages:

Premium sponsor: 2 000 € + VAT

Dinner sponsor: 1 000 € + VAT

Digital sponsor: 500 € + VAT

Vigo is a wonderful city this time of year and considering our well-attended event in Piteå, we are of course hoping for a similar number of participants in Spain. Come join us to discuss lightweight solutions at sea while enjoying a bit of sun as well. See you in Vigo!

Best regards, Alexander