Dear E-LASS member,

Due to the pandemic situation and the restrictions on gathering large groups we have decided to arrange the 12th E-LASS event digitally instead of in Vlissingen, Netherlands.
Would you like to present during the digital E-LASS seminar? Please send a brief description (max ½ page) of your presentation to Rebecca Möller, Your presentation should be neither too commercial nor too scientific.

The impressive European policy initiative “Green Deal” aims at carbon neutrality at 2050. Technologies that support transformation to a fossil free society will be supported and it is thus important to demonstrate that lightweight ship design has an important role to play. The benefits can be easily (more or less 😊) calculated from a weight perspective (less fuel/ton-km) but it is also important to underline the necessity of lightweight materials to support other innovative technologies, e.g. optimized full battery propulsion based on lightweight ship design. We would therefore like to encourage you to send suggestions for presentations that include these perspectives.

The Swedish network S-LÄSS, which was the precursor of E-LASS, had their official re-start at a meeting in Gothenburg 12 March. Already more than 60 members are registered. The objective is to gather national competences in support of several large national projects, but also to enhance the connection between the Swedish and the European lightweight communities.

As already informed, a task force in RAMSSES have developed ideas to enhance E-LASS member values. The objective is to ensure that E-LASS will continue to be, and perhaps in an even better way, relevant as a support to the European maritime lightweight community. The suggestions have been presented and widely supported by the network and they were recently updated with yet another idea, (no 7 below):

1: RAMSSES database. A suitable format for post-RAMSSES submission of data will be launched at the E-LASS website.
2: SARGASSO innovation platform. A format for input has been included at the E-LASS website.
3: Connecting networks to SARGASSO. A format and requirements for connecting networks to SARGASSO will be implemented at the E-LASS website.
4: E-LASS supporting project dissemination. An easy to use request document for dissemination support in research projects (proposals) will be uploaded to the E-LASS website.
5: Expansion of the E-LASS event concept.  Broadening of the E-LASS event scope to include other areas related to fossil free/sustainable shipping that directly or indirectly support the use of lightweight materials. The concept will be tested and evaluated in the forthcoming year.
6: Connecting E-LASS to national initiatives. National maritime lightweight networks, three at present, will be given the possibility to share information at the E-LASS website, connecting our lightweight communities.

7: E-LASS supporting project exploitation. At the end of a European project, E-LASS will provide the project management the possibility of sharing with the network, results or ideas developed and also to initiate new possible research and/or commercial projects through the open innovation platform SARGASSO.

You are welcome to comment on these ideas and they will also be discussed at the webinar.

 Best regards,

Rebecca, Tommy and Franz