Dear E-LASS member,
In this newsletter you will find information about where the presentations from the last E-LASS event are available, when the next E-LASS event is planned, information about an interesting webinar as well as short updates from the national networks in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Firstly, a very warm and grateful THANK YOU to all of you who participated in the digital E-LASS event on 27-28 January. Together with your presence and input it once more became a success! We were totally xx registered participants and enjoyed 11 interesting presentations on projects, techniques and ideas – you can find all the presentations and a summary of the event at seminar page.

Our next E-LASS will take place around 15-17 June. It will be organized digitally, hopefully the last time for a while, in cooperation with shipyards around the Baltic Sea, including Meyer Turku.

Regarding themes for the next event, there were several proposals regarding “regulatory perspectives” and for the more general theme “success stories of lightweight applications” (and fire risk assessments). We welcome presentation proposals on these and any other topic relevant for lightweight applications at sea; please send an abstract (max ½ page) to with your proposal and remember, “not too commercial – not too academic!”

Franz Evegren