Dear all,

The agenda for our next event, 8-9 November in Finspång, is converging towards its final form. A couple of presentations for the seminar are still to be confirmed though.

On day one, the industry tour day, we will visit SAPA and Siemens production facilities in Finspång. On day two we will have the seminar at SAPA in Finspång.

Preliminary agenda for the 8th is that we start 09:00 at SAPA, have lunch at ~12 and visit Siemens at 13:00. Dinner around 19:00. Below you see a preliminary agenda for the seminar.

I am quite happy with what we will present on these two days. SAPA and Siemens will demonstrate production techniques that are highly interesting for the lightweight community and the seminar provides both interesting R&D and direct commercial applications of lightweight design. I also think we will have some interesting discussions. As usual.

We have pre-booked hotels in Finspång but cannot hold the booking longer than next week, i.e. Friday 9/9 at the latest, we need to know if you wish to use this possibility. About half of the rooms are booked at the moment.

I include the registration form for those of you who have not yet registered, where you can also note if you wish for us to book a room.

We have a couple of sponsors (SAPA and SICOMIN; Thanks!) and SP is supporting but we would welcome a few more supporters in order to fully cover lunch and dinner costs on the 8th .  Just send me an e-mail and I will come back on how this is done.


I will come back with more information later regarding exact location to meet for the industry tour and the final seminar agenda.

Best regards Tommy