For our next joint event in 2019, RAMSSES and E-LASS will travel to northern Sweden. In Piteå, we will have two RAMSSES activities, one E-LASS/RAMSSES seminar day and of course the traditional industry tour, where we plan to visit ABB Composites, Podcomp and RISE SICOMP. 


January 22nd*:

The event in Piteå starts off with the regular RAMSSES General Assembly, which includes lunch and is followed by dinner.

* = RAMSSES only

January 23rd:

The second day begins with the RAMSSES TTG/Technical Workshops*.

After lunch, it is time for our traditional industry tour, which will include hands-on workshops. We plan to visit ABB Composites, Podcomp and RISE SICOMP.

In the evening we welcome everyone to the E-LASS dinner.

January 24th:

Thursday is E-LASS/RAMSSES Seminar day. Learn more
about composites and lightweight solutions at sea.

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January 25th:

On Friday we will arrange a second Industry tour (same as the one on Wednesday) depending on the number of participants.

We plan on having smaller groups (both days) in order to make the tour as rewarding as possible for everyone participating.


Piteå Stadshotell 

When booking your hotel, make sure to follow the instructions included in the attendees kit. We have arranged all-inclusive packages that include all costs for your stay from transfers, hotel and meals, industry tours and other services.

Attendees kit

Make sure to follow the instructions included in the attendees kit. We are offering package deals in order to make your stay in Piteå as pleasant as possible.


Are you only looking to view the agenda – Click here


Participation at the event is free of charge, but we do need sponsors to cover the costs for conference facilities, coffee, transports etc. Sponsoring an E-LASS event is simply the mean to keep it as low-cost as possible for all participants attending. In case you are interested in sponsoring the event,
send an e-mail to . You will find our different sponsor packages below.

For practical reasons the number of sponsors must be limited which means first come first served.

Table top sponsor
Table top sponsor –Bring marketing materials (brochures or leaflet) and put it on a table for everyone to see.

Cost: 300 euros

Seminar sponsor
Seminar sponsor – Company name and logo included in the seminar program.

Cost: 500 euros

Lunch sponsor

Lunch/Dinner sponsor –
Company mentioned before lunch or dinner and also visible in the form of signage at the tables.

Cost: 1000 euros

Digital sponsor E-LASS
Digital sponsor – Company name and logo visible at our E-LASS event webpage.

Cost: 750 euros

All-inclusive sponsorship
All-inclusive sponsor – Make your company name and logo visible at every table during E-LASS lunch, in the seminar program and at our
E-LASS event webpage. You are also welcome to bring marketing material and we will provide you with a table for this.

Cost: 2000 euros