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Efficiency, savings and optimum utilized resources are key words in today’s society. Through increased cooperation S-lass, the Swedish network for lightweight structures at sea, wants to contribute to a positive and sustainable development in those areas.

With the network as basis, we collaborate within developing important lightweight field. Through newsletters and the network’s website it is informed about activities and projects that is in the pipeline as well as the current steps in lightweight at sea.

The network has every year a couple of arrangements, free of charge for members, whose purpose is to increase knowledge and expertise among members, at the same time as it supports contacts and discussions.

– The autumn meetings focus on a particular subject which also includes practical exercises.

– The spring meetings has a clearer research perspective where interesting research in lightweight at sea are presented.

Members of the S-Lass are companies, institutes, universities, public institutions and other organizations active in the lightweight field in Sweden. Work is underway to extend the network at European level.

About S-LASS

The network supports, presents and coordinates activities aimed at the Swedish industrial development of lightweight constructions at sea. S-LÄSS gathers leading expertise in lightweight maritime construction from industry, research and development but also includes and invites participants that wish to advance their knowledge in this field and to become involved in the ongoing expansion of lightweight ship and offshore construction.

The network for Swedish lightweight constructions at sea (S-LASS) is a nonprofit organization with industries, research institutes, universities and authorities aiming at:

– Information and knowledge dissemination,
– development of know-how
– cooperation between competences
– initiation of projects that develop the area, and
– influencing research funding. 

S LASS operates as a nonprofit organization and is funded by fees paid by participants. The work is run by a board of at least three people. Auditor revises business economics at the end of the year.

Network Meetings
Network meetings are held 2-3 times per year where participants are given the opportunity to listen to technical presentations both from colleagues within the association as well as from guest speakers. Further will teaching and training be organized.

Information Dissemination
Dissemination of information is done through newsletters sent out by e-mail. Participants will have the possibility to inform about courses, seminars, projects, etc.. Also information on external national/international conferences, seminars and courses, will be given. Information is also gathered on the S-LASS website.

Projects and interest groups are formed based in any area with participants who have common or similar problems/interests.

S-LASS will keep in touch with various sources for research funding. One goal is that, by putting forward jointly formulated issues, increase investment in lightweight related areas.
International work
S-LASS is working for stronger international cooperation in the lightweight area. As an example, we participate in the organization of the LIWEM conference  (“Light Weight Marine Structures”, www.liwem.org)

Contact us
Tommy Hertzberg, SP Ph.  +46 (0)10 516 5046


Kerstin Hindrum, SP Ph.  +46 (0)10 516 6586


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